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Spring 2016

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78 BAL HARBOUR Brazilian blogger Thássia Naves has made waves in the fashion world with Blog da Thássia, and has earned herself more than two million followers on Instagram. Her glamorous style has made her catnip for the concrete catwalk photographers who stalk the exteriors of fashion shows—so much so that she now travels with her very own photog to capture her every look and location. We caught up with the fashion fixture—and Business of Fashion 500 member—to discuss spring style, wardrobe staples and the art of the selfie. Both of your grandmothers were designers. Is that where you first learned about fashion and its power? Yes, my grandparents definitely had a big influence on me. They were style icons. Both of my grandmothers designed and made their own clothes, and seeing this firsthand as a child made a big impression. My appreciation for good quality design definitely stems from them. What are the key trends you've added to your wardrobe from the Spring/Summer 2016 shows? Layering—which is more commonly associated with winter—is a big trend right now. For me it's all about contrasting textures and materials like silk slip dresses with wool and fur coats. The juxtaposition makes this combination so interesting. I'm also into the sports-luxe vibe. I loved the bomber jackets from Chloé. For prints, I like a full-on look, like from Pucci's Resort collection. What has been your greatest fashion experience so far? There have been so many unforgettable experiences, but I think my first time at Paris Fashion Week was really a dream come true for me. How does being Brazilian affect your perception of fashion? I don't really think it affects it a lot; I feel that my style is quite multicultural and I could be from anywhere in the world. Although of course when I'm in Brazil, it influences the way I dress. I t can get so hot here, so I tend to wear lighter clothes, but I always try to stay true to my individual style. If you could have dinner with any designer living or dead, who would it be and why? Karl Lagerfeld or Pierre Balmain. I admire both of these designers and it would be an honor to have dinner with either of them. Balmain is obviously legendary and it would be so interesting to ask him about all the old film stars he designed for back in the day. In his time, actors were really big stars, and there was something very magical about that period. Karl Lagerfeld would also be a good dinner date. He's definitely a fascinating character. What is the secret to a successful blog like yours? It's literally just built up over time through dedication and hard work. I try to be authentic and true to myself, so when you're genuine that really shines through. If you have the right mindset and you're willing to work day and night then success will surely come your way. What are your tricks for taking a great selfie? That is top secret! Just kidding. To be honest, now I know my best angle and I know where the light should reflect, so I'm pretty good at it. I'm lucky that I have my own photographer, Rhaiffe Ortiz, who travels with me, so selfies aren't always necessary. But the old adage is true: Practice makes perfect! MADE IN BRAZIL Meet fashion blogger Thássia Naves, whose two million Instagram followers breathlessly await her every post. BY JESSICA MICHAULT PORTRAIT BY RHAIFFE ORTIZ

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